Kids Place Orthopedics

  A pediatric orthopedic office for children ages 0-16

When It's Time To Remove Your Cast...

Keep your cast dry with a cast cover.

Keep your cast from itching with a Cast Cooler!

Your Child's Safety Is Our Top Priority‚Äč

 Having a cast removed can be a scary experience for a child.

 At Kids Place Orthopedics we take precautions to keep your  child calm and safe.

 We cover their ears with 3M industrial earmuffs to muffle the  sound of the cast saw.

 We cover their eyes with eye protection shields to prevent cast  dust from getting into their eyes.

 Cast saws cut things that are hard and not things that are soft.  Kids can get "cut" from a saw when the blade gets hot and burns the skin. The padding inside the cast helps to prevent this  from happening.

 To protect your child during cast removal, make sure your  child never pulls the padding out of their cast or scratches inside the cast. 

Customize your cast in your favorite color, or cover your cast with a cool design!

Let's Make Casts Fun!