Kids Place Orthopedics

  A pediatric orthopedic office for children ages 0-16

​Pavlik Harness

​Night Hip Brace

Baby Hip Ultrasound

What We Treat

Dr. Pike treats broken bones, sports injuries, and arm and leg problems that do not require surgery. 

Broken Bones, Sprains and Strains

Our office has waterproof casts available in a range of colors for immobilization of arm and leg injuires. We also have alternatives to traditional casts for broken bones that appear stable on x-ray. We carry braces in children's sizes to immobilize arms and legs from infancy through the teen years.

Overuse Injuries

Joint pain from excessive stress on growing bones is commonly seen in the knee, foot, and elbow. Dr. Pike will guide your child through injury recovery and educate them on injury prevention. Braces are available in the office. Your child will be referred to a physical therapist when needed to help assist with their return to sports.

Developmental Deformities

Children commonly present to our office with intoeing, flat feet, and bowlegs. Dr. Pike takes a detailed history and examines your child to help differentiate the conditions that will get better on their own from the types that will get worse without treatment. 

Dr. Pike treats babies that are born with hips that did not develop correctly. This problem is most common in first born females who were not born head first. Hips are treated in a special brace called a Pavlik harness. Some babies have to wear a night brace to keep their hips growing properly after they finish treatment in the harness. Baby hips are evaluated for growth problems using ultrasound performed at Miller Children's Hospital.